What’s New (or Old) in June?

What’s new in the Bags of a Feather world? Well, the honest answer, is not much, or should I say, the old stuff I used to make is new again!

I have been making a few things that I have not made in years, including fabric bookmarks (last offered in 2011). The new version is a bit thinner, which allows them to fit in between the pages of a paperback or hardcover book. They are currently available only in my wholesale shop on IndieMe.com, but I am also working on getting them into few local retail venues. Here is a picture of approximately 20 of them:

And a close-up with on of my favorite crow fabrics:

More fabric bookmarks


I have also been making up some insulated fabric cup cozies or insulators, that look something like this old picture from my etsy shop in 2010:

Cup Cozie


Cup cozie


I used to sell both the bookmarks and cup insulators/cozies these at a coffee/bookshop in Northfield, Massachusetts, which has unfortunately gone out of business. I’m currently making up more samples and hope to get these in a few local shops.

I am trying not to go crazy on buying new fabric for awhile, although my Wish List on several online fabric sites continues to grow. There is always some great new bird fabric available, but I have to tell myself that it doesn’t mean I have to buy all of it!

Until next time, enjoy your summer!