An Inside Look at the Bags of a Feather Sewing Studio

A pictorial glimpse into the inner workings at Bags of a Feather, including the mess created by cutting up pieces of fabric and sewing them back together.  Sewing is messy business! There is usually little pieces of thread on the floor, or attached to my clothes.

Owl Pouches in progress

Some of the following pictures were taken a couple of years ago an sent to an online venue for approval as a “certified handmade artisan” designation. I passed with flying colors- they determined that I was not a factory that was mass-producing bags all day long and passing them off as handmade.

Vintage 1976 Singer Sewing machine

Hard at work

26 pairs of scissors


Antique sewing cabinet inherited from my mother-in-law

It might look unorganized, but I can usually find what I’m looking for. Just walking into the sewing studio and taking the cover off the sewing machine makes me happy and relaxed. After more than 40 years of sewing, I still love it!