New Website on the Way!

Stay tuned for some exciting changes! Bags of a Feather will be switching over to a much more user-friendly e-commerce platform in the next few weeks. It will include complete wholesale and retail ordering functionality, and I am looking forward to offering a greatly-improved shopping experience for everyone.

After many years of selling on retail and/or wholesale platforms that just did not work out or offer the functionality I need, this will be a refreshing change. Best of all, I will be in complete control of how things look and how I want to present my fabric creations to the world.

Can you tell that I am really excited? 

In the interim period before things are up and running, I have a few new fabrics in my collection, and I am in the process of making up some samples. I have also been knitting like crazy, and am on scarf number 4 for this winter!

Here are a few new fabrics to check out: